Feeding & Fueling the City workshop

Event Etablissement Public d'Aménagement Plaine de France

Feeding & Fueling the City workshop

In a world permeated by e trade, logistical challenges are more and more central. Besides the massification and dilution of flows in cities already saturated, freight faces the challenges of ecological transition. How to optimise mobility, integrate it and be more green-oriented ?
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La Fabrique de la Cité explore dynamics of urban logsitics and the innovative solutions for the issues related to the supplying of tommorow cities.

In this creative workshop, Jérôme Libeskink of Logicités and Emmanuel de la Masselière, the head of the strategy and of the development of l’EPA Plaine de France presented the great dynamics and current trends of supply chains particularly throught the exemple of the territory of la Plaine de France which is a central pole for the region.

The multimodal platform that is Charles de Gaulles airport, is the the main interface between the richest region of Europe and the rest of the world. With more than 2 million if tons of transit cargo per year, and the responsability to supply the French capital all along the year, this territory is one of the key of the French supply network.
Available in French only

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La Fabrique de la Cité is a think tank dedicated to urban foresight, created by the VINCI group, its sponsor, in 2010. La Fabrique de la Cité acts as a forum where urban stakeholders, whether French or international, collaborate to bring forth new ways of building and rebuilding cities.

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