Former Assistant to the Mayor overseeing cultural affairs, President of the socialist group

Barcelona City Hall

Jordi MARTI I GRAU is currently president of the socialist group at Barcelona City Hall. He has held various cultural sector posts in Barcelona, including assistant to the Mayor overseeing cultural affairs (2007-2012), director of Institut de Cultura (ICUB) in Barcelona (1999-2003 and 2006-2007), and sub-director and manager of Centre de Cultura Contemporànea (CCCB) (2004-2006).

He has also taught management and cultural production at various Catalonian (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universitat de Barcelona) and Spanish (Universidad de Salamanca) universities.

Jordi MARTI I GRAU has taken part in various collaborations in the area cultural policy and management in Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Uruguay.

La Fabrique de la Cité

La Fabrique de la Cité is a think tank dedicated to urban foresight, created by the VINCI group, its sponsor, in 2010. La Fabrique de la Cité acts as a forum where urban stakeholders, whether French or international, collaborate to bring forth new ways of building and rebuilding cities.