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La Fabrique de la Cité is a French think tank dedicated to urban planning, and urban transitions.

We seek to bring together experts, elected officials and private businesses from diverse backgrounds, to help them understand the economic, social, and ecological challenges of the modern city. At La Fabrique de la Cité, we rely on our steering committee to set our annual program, organize meetings and debates, determine our fields of study, and document our work. Always attentive to French and international innovation, we are attuned to the various dynamics and equilibriums manifested in France. Moreover, at la Fabrique de la Cité, we highlight inspiring initiatives, clarify controversies, and nourish public discourse on new ways to develop cities.

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Founded by our sponsor VINCI, in 2010, La Fabrique de la Cité is an independent, nonprofit endowment fund committed to a mission of public interest. All our work is available on our website.


  • The Steering Committee

    The Steering Committee formulates and proposes guidelines for La Fabrique de la Cité’s research program.


  • The Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors meets once a year to examine La Fabrique de la Cité’s work orientations and to approve its budget.

The Steering Committee

Affordable housing in growing European metropolises

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