The first summit of the University of the City of Tomorrow aims to launch a sustainable movement for a low-carbon city for all

The first summit of the “Université de la Ville de Demain” (University of the City of Tomorrow) was held on July 8 and 9, 2021 in Chantilly. Launched in December 2019 at the initiative of the Palladio Foundation, in partnership with La Fabrique de la Cité, the initiative brought together more than 150 public and private decision-makers, scientists and representatives of civil society during these two days around the challenges of building a low-carbon city for all.

The summit opened with an energetic speech by John Kerry, US Special Envoy for Climate Change, who called on city professionals to accelerate the carbon transition of cities. The speeches of scientists, architects, urban planners and political leaders inspired the debates of the participants, who met in focus groups prepared throughout the year by hearings of experts and working groups led by La Fabrique de la Cité on the themes of “Living in the low-carbon city”, “Financing the low-carbon city”, “Governing and co-constructing the low-carbon city” and “Integrating indirect emissions into one’s low-carbon strategy”.

The University of the City of Tomorrow concluded with the signing of a charter committing the actors of the “city factory” to “combine a systemic vision and a local approach”, “affirm and implement the principle of co-construction”, “transform the city through concrete actions” and “share [their] practices and evaluate [their] progress.” These four principles of action are summarized in an article published in July in the French newspaper Le Monde, which calls for the creation, following this first summit, of “a space for lasting collaboration” to bring about “a sustainable, low-carbon city, but also one that is fairer, safer, more inclusive, for all.”

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