Funding mobility in a post-carbon world

In the aftermath of a health crisis that has brought many cities to a standstill, the question of recovery is being asked in concrete terms. After a complete halt in mobility, transportation infrastructures and networks are under severe strain and high expectations regarding their adaptation to the health and climate challenges. This raises many questions regarding how to fund these transformations.

The mobility sector, which accounts for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, cannot ignore this issue: decarbonizing the sector will require heavy investments to deploy new infrastructure and mobility solutions, particularly in under-endowed areas, in a context of ever-increasing travel demand.

With this new report, La Fabrique de la Cité analyses 19 solutions implemented by cities and states around the world to finance mobility and promote its decarbonisation. Singapore, London, New York, Hong Kong, Oslo, Oregon… The various strategies implemented make the funding and decarbonisation of mobility two sides of the same coin.

The purpose of this report is not to propose a turnkey solution. There is no universally valid answer: each territory has its own geography, political, economic and social context which makes the implementation of a single solution illusory. The challenge is, depending on the territory, to deploy a range of solutions adapted to its challenges. On the other hand, when it comes to the method, this report shows that there are invariants when it comes to bringing the players together around a common project. As much as the “what to do”, the question of “how to do it” must be addressed, being an essential condition for the success of the transition of a mobility system. With this report, La Fabrique de la Cité intends to be part of the debate on the mobility transition and to provide public and private stakeholders with concrete avenues for its funding.


Discover the new report “Funding mobility in a post-carbon world”

In addition to its new report “Funding mobility in a post-carbon world”, La Fabrique de la Cité publishes an online tool to navigate through 19 solutions implemented by states and cities around the world to fund new carbon-free mobility.

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