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The affordable city, first condition to quality of life?

Housing is the first determinant when it comes to the liveability of a city. It is one of the main challenges for cities in the 21st
century: how to guarantee quality and affordable housing for all? This is a complex issue as it crosses the fields of regulations,
land planning, architecture, urbanism, as well as public policy.

With Marie BALÉO, Head of publications, La Fabrique de la Cité
Audrey LINKENHELD, Director of development & partnerships, Vilogia, former Member of the French Parliament and Municipal Councillor, City of Lille
Kurt PUCHINGER, President, Administration group for housing construction and urban renewal, City of Vienna
Christoph REINPRECHT, Professor, Vienna University, expert and advisory board member, IBA Vienna
Yves-Laurent SAPOVAL, Senior Advisor: Directorate for Housing,
Urban Development and Landscapes, French ministries MTES-MCT

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